Our consultants engage with organisations to develop best practice, enabling them to maximise the use of data, whist balancing governance requirements.

Our Solution

We use our proprietary framework to help organisations develop the processes and metrics required to maximise the true value of their data, while maintaining an evidence-based governance model.   Therefore, enabling organisations to capitalise on sustainable innovation, competitive differentiation, increased market growth, business efficiency as well as improved trust in the way data is used.

Our consulting team is highly experienced with thought leaders from both public and private sectors.  We work collaboratively and will help you to:

  • Develop your digital data vision and the ability to deliver on this vision
  • Develop your organisations information governance processes and frameworks
  • Protect data whist maintaining its fitness for use

Examples of services include

  • ‘C’ level Privacy & Analysis Data Update Service
  • Senior Management Privacy & Analysis Data Update Service
  • Data Requirement Survey
  • Data and Information Strategy Formulation and Programme Management
  • Delivery of Specialist Training in Statistical and Anonymization Techniques
  • Strategic Consulting on the Effective Use of Person-level Data & Analytics

Key Benefits

Our services enable:

  • Improved ability to gain and retain access to data
  • Compliant, quality analysis insights to support decision making and business efficiency
  • Increased staff empowerment to use data appropriately
  • Enhanced efficacy model across data suppliers, clients, customers and regulators
  • Gain competitive advantage through taking a robust and transparent approach to managing your data


of 3,206 respondents reported GDPR and the downstream effects of its implementation have favourable outcomes, ranging from increased agility to operational efficiency, a new competitive advantage, reduced sales delays due to privacy concerns, and mitigation of losses due to data breaches.

– Cisco’s Data Privacy Benchmark Study